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Some cameo themed Instagram posts from the @bbc2itskevin Instagram account.

Okay but imagine a British version of the film Matilda with this cast:



Matilda Wormwood - Isabelle Allen

Mrs Wormwood - Julia Davis (someone please write her in this role)

Mr Wormwood - Kevin Eldon

Michael Wormwood (Brother) - Rohan Gotobed

Amanda Thripp - Hattie Gotobed

Miss Trunchbull - Mark Gatiss (I really love this one!)

Miss Honey - Jessica Hynes

Brucie  - Daniel Roche

Yess! Someone get on it

Could you just imagine her as Mrs Wormwood though! She’s like born to play that part XD

Random TV show recommendation


This may be a couple of years behind the times, but I just discovered the BBC sitcom Twenty Twelve on Netflix Canada, and it’s great. It’s got Lord Grantham, Jessica Hynes (Spaced), and Olivia Colman (Broadchurch), and sweet surprise, David Tennant as the narrator. It’s a very funny mockumentary about the organizers of the London 2012 Olympics. Pretty good.

The spin off W1A just finished airing in the UK with Ian and Siobhan returning :)


Siobhan spin off pleeeeaaaase….

Jess explain your trousers because they’re mighty confusing

Jess explain your trousers because they’re mighty confusing

(Source: Flickr / edgarwright, via got-the-wright-stuff)


Boxer Gin hosted a fantastic evening to promote the launch of

'A short Ride in the Jungle'

A book by Ants Bolingbroke - Kent